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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Security Analyze for Android APK

I am happy to share my second post, in this post I am going to show the existing threat of malwares on mobile devices, the focus is on Android operation system about SMS steal malware that I wrote, I hope you will enjoy it.

Every one of us could be exposed to malware, virus, by downloading and installing an App, the expectation of each App is to do what you think it should do, but actually it will do other unwanted things (like steal SMS's from your phone).

Users always asking:
How can I protect myself from any cyber threat, phishing, viruses? 

The answer is very simple, is to be caution when downloading and installing any App into the device, especially when you have rooted device (device with super user permissions), and to be aware from any phishing trap.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mobile performance testing

Performance Testing - Mobile devices - Part 1

Many companies and users realised the power of building websites for mobile needs, smartphones and mobile devices could be found with many people all over the world, therefore we need to be sure if the servers of these sites will be able to handle the multiple requests of many mobile devices.

Let's show one case of how to face this challenge :